6 Reasons Why Microsoft Teams isn’t Like Other Collaboration Software

Microsoft Teams is a messaging tool that allows users to communicate one or one or in groups, whatever device they use.

It may look like a simple tool but as of December last year, Spicework’s survey showed that Teams became the 2nd most popular group chat software, next only to Slack.

Here’s why Microsoft Teams collaboration software isn’t your typical workplace app:

Reason 1: A Worthy Free App

For many software, free versions are severely limited but that’s not the case for Teams. Businesses that sign-up for the free version will have a 300-user limit. They will also have 10GB shared storage and 2GB per user, plus unlimited message history. Slack has a 10K message history limit and only 5GB storage.

The free version of the Microsoft Teams collaboration software includes add-ons normally exclusive to paid plans like group calls, Office 365 integration, and third-party app integrations.

Reason 2: In-App Content Collaboration and Chat Formatting

Microsoft Teams’ Office 365 integration also allows users to share content with a group, and edit or access the content without leaving the app. This alone makes it one of the best Slack alternatives out there.

Users can also share videos with each other, and watch it within Team’s workspace without downloading it first.

Like Microsoft Word, Teams’ message box has advanced formatting features that allow users to change font colours, create bullet lists, format texts, etc.