Artificial Intelligence

Helping Business to Prepare for the Future with AI Solutions

Robotic Process Automation

RPA + AI provide next generation tools to create robots(Attended, unattended, Hybrid) for automating any business processes.

  • Offering an dynamic digital workforce that enables robots to effectively collaborate Streamlined processes
  • Improve productivity and reduces AHT by triggering automated processes from system events
  • Automate time-consuming and redundant manual data entry/tasks and navigation between systems so that agents are more productive and proficient.
  • Build Error-free automated process with better information accuracy
  • Scalable, Reduced training time, Improved compliance, cost savings, Increased speed and productivity.

Voice BioMetrics

  • Accurate verification : Text Dependent, Text-Independent , Speaker Separation , Multi-Mode Support, Utterance Verification
  • User experience : just speak to naturally and intuitively authenticate across all channels
  • Anti-Fraud Measures : Replay Detection + Synthetic Voice Detection, utilises blacklists across channels
  • Cost Efficient requires no specialised collection device or hardwares, scalable, secure,
  • Dynamic two dimensional (who you are + what you say) and modality that can be utilised across all channels

AI Bots & Virtual Assistant

  • Radiance specialises various type of AI bots—from a Q & A bot to own branded virtual assistant
  • Enterprise-grade bots help to enrich the customer experience while maintaining control of data.
  • Contextually aware bots can naturally interact with users by easily integrating Cognitive Services and can deliver personalized conversation
  • The Virtual Assistant Solution Accelerator architecture is flexible and can be integrated with backend systems.
  • Virtual Assistant can be integrated with devices and ecosystem to enable a truly intelligent experience.

AI Apps & Cognitive Service

  • AI Apps with Cognitive Services bring AI within reach of machine-learning expertise.
  • Cognitive API calls enable the apps the ability to see, hear, speak, search, understand, and accelerate decision-making into apps.
  • Apply AI to more scenarios with the most comprehensive portfolio of domain-specific AI capabilities on the market
  • Apply AI services to achieve human parity in computer vision, speech, and language Decision, Language, Speech, vision, web search
  • Solutions leveraging on Azure Cognitive Services and can be embedded on any Bot Framework channel such as Web Chat, Facebook Messenger, or Microsoft Teams.
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