Embrace the hybrid classroom with Microsoft Solution

Create connected and collaborative learning environments with Microsoft Teams Rooms and Surface Hub 2s – a hybrid classroom solution.

Hybrid Learning With Microsoft Solutions for Education

Schools around the world have had to rapidly adopt collaboration solutions to ensure continuity in teaching and learning. But remote, hybrid, and hybrid flexible (HyFlex) learning aren’t just temporary solutions—they’re the future of education. A more flexible, digital approach to education can enable…​

Learning Experience

More multimodal and​ interactive learning​ methods​


Flexibility for health crises,​ weather, transportation​ limitations, and more ​

Effective Learning

Unique blends of​ synchronous and​ asynchronous learning​


Student Engagement

Increased engagement​ and personalized​ instruction​

Schools need to enable learning and collaboration anywhere, anytime​

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Engaging learning and collaboration with Surface Hub 2S​​

Surface Hub 2S can plug into a wide array of scenarios across your school, helping to enable innovative remote, hybrid, and hybrid flexible (HyFlex) learning. Below are a few examples of contexts where the device can encourage creative engagement, empower smoother expression of complex concepts, and ultimately improve learning and collaboration for students and instructors

microsoft solution for education


The inking capability allows instructors to use the screen just like a whiteboard, whether they need to write out equations, jot down suggestions from the class, or diagram complex concepts. ​

The screen is large enough that instructors can write on one side of the screen while using the other side to present class material or keep virtual attendees in view.​

Art & Design

Surface Hub 2S is also ideal for classes and clubs that require drawing, design, illustration, and other artistic activities. The device helps students convey ideas that could be difficult to express purely through text.​

For instance, students could use the screen to collaborate on yearbook layouts or sketch out ideas for a collaborative art project. ​

Research & Labs

Need to visualize research data on a large screen? Surface Hub 2S is made for Power BI, allowing researchers to display—and interact with—their data.​

And since the device comes with comprehensive security built in from the firmware to the software, researchers can have confidence that sensitive data​
is safe.

Sports & Athletics

With Surface Hub 2S, coaches can use digital ink to easily sketch out plays and strategies for the team to see. Positions and movements can be represented with a simple swipe of the pen.​

Or coaches and recruiters can use Surface Hub 2S for introductions and interviews with potential recruits.​

Embrace the Hybrid Classroom​​ with Microsoft Teams Room Solution

Create connected and collaborative learning environments with Microsoft Teams Rooms—a hybrid classroom solution.

Seamlessly connect everyone

Connect students and educators through high-quality audio and video to make classrooms feel more natural and immersive

Support inclusive learning

Help remote learners feel as empowered to participate in classrooms as those in the room with live chat and reactions.

Get ease of use and full control

Help educators support both inclass and virtual learners at the same time with one-touch join and an intuitive control console

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